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Hear what our current clients have to say about us. 

Keisha - Dairy Farmer

"My CFORCE 625 EPS doing the job while my Honda is stuck at the bottom of the hill!"


Glen - Sheep & Beef Farmer


"Extremely happy with my CFMoto. A reliable machine that is practical and comfortable to use. Great value for money."


Charlie - Groundskeeper


"Dan and the team at Dan’s Motor Centre Geraldine were so helpful, straight-talking and completely up to speed on what was a brand new model at the time of purchase. That gave me every confidence in my decision and comfort that I had great back up for the future.

I feel very clever, having researched deeply and “kicked the tyres” of several [side by side] brands and choosing the CF Moto UForce1000. I love it for its cabin space, large load capacity and ability in the field. Whether it’s feeding ponds or getting tools out to all corners of the garden, I have to negotiate often slippery, undulating ground and there seems to be no place it can’t go. The engine braking is an absolute game changer and gives full confidence to safely take control on any hillside. The huge power of the 1000cc is very useful for towing and it no doubt has a turn of speed far beyond my requirements. It has many, many features which all help lead to the point when I feel most smug…telling my mates the price!"


Joe - Dairy Farmer

"Reliable and great value for money"


Scott - lifestyle block owner


“I bought the CFMOTO U800 side by side for use on our lifestyle property and for trips into the local hills.

After nearly 2,000kms it has never let us down and gets through far more than I imagined (first time owner) We really enjoy our machine and it still looks like new.

I bought this brand after talking to a farmer friend that has two and never let him down. Good enough for him - good enough for me"

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