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ZFORCE 1000 EPS (Z1000)

$19,490 +GST



Introducing the all new ZFORCE 1000 EPS Sport. A completely new model from CFMOTO that has a long list of improvements over its predecessor and is sure to get a big tick of approval from fun seekers around the country. Big V-Twin power, all new suspension and even greater value for money.

Vast enhancements have been made to the model, with a focus on improving its off road capabilities. Along with big upgrades to the frame to increase the overall strength and rigidity, the ZFORCE also features new independent suspension with dual A-Arm on the front and a new multi-link suspension system on the rear that has dramatically increased wheel travel - now providing off road enthusiasts more than double the travel compared with the previous ZFORCE 800/1000 platform!

Feature highlights include selectable 2WD / 4WD and front diff lock, accessible by a simple touch of a button. 14-inch alloy wheels with extra large 29-inch CST Stag tyres with heavy duty 8 ply rating to keep you moving. The ZFORCE 1000 EPS is also equipped with a limited slip differential (LSD) to aid in getting maximum traction to the ground.

The ZFORCE 1000 EPS has undergone a massive transformation with the help of Kiska Design and is now loaded with a long list of new features making it a much more capable off-road machine ready to tackle any terrain.

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